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Exploring Interfaces #2: Workshop on Articulatory Phonetics & Phonology
Exploring Interfaces #2: Workshop on Articulatory Phonetics and Phonology

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Venue: HSS Building, Room B305, NTHU
Date: October 17-18, 2019


Day 1

2:10-3:00 Assessing surface phonological specification through simulation and classification of phonetic trajectories Jason Shaw (Yale University)

3:00-3:50 “Articulatory uniformity”: A case study of the r-suffix in Beijing Mandarin and Northeastern Mandarin
Song Jiang, Yueh-chin Chang and Feng-fan Hsieh (National Tsing Hua University)

3:50-4:10 Tea Break

4:10-5:00 Co-articulation between consonant and vowel in Taiwanese bisyllables
Wai-sum Lee and Eric Zee (City University of Hong Kong)

Day 2

10:10-11:00 Head movement and speech
Mark Tiede (Haksins Laboratories)

11:00-11:50 Spatio-temporal properties of Korean non-assimilating C1C2 sequences
Minjung Son (Hannam University)

11:50-2:10 Lunch

2:10-3:00 Exposing phonological structure through phonetic variation
Jason Shaw (Yale University)

3:00-3:50 On the rightward bias in gestural coordination in L1 and L2 phonology
Feng-fan Hsieh (National Tsing Hua University)

3:50-4:30 General discussion
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