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Institute of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University
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Member Position Research interests
Professor and Chair Phonetics, experimental phonetics, Chinese and Austronesian phonetics
Associate Professor Phonology, phonetics and Sinitic languages spoken in (South) East Asia (esp. the varieties of Min, Hakka, and Mandarin)
Assistant Professor Formal semantics, formal pragmatics, syntax-semantic interface, semantics-pragmatics interface and Chinese linguistics
Professor Phonology, Chinese dialectology, historical linguistics
Associate Professor Austronesian linguistics, historical linguistics, syntactic typology, syntactic theory, morphology and lexicography
Professor Construction grammar, morpho-syntax, historical linguistics, lexical semantics, Southern Min
Assistant Professor Neurolinguistics, auditory neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience
Professor Syntax, formal semantics, Chinese syntax and semantics
Professor Chinese historical syntax and morpho-syntax, historical linguistcs, syntax-semantic interfaces, Buddhist Chinese
Associate Professor Cognitive science, language acquisition, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics
Professor Syntax, syntax-semantics interface, Chinese and Austronesian syntax